From the Beginning

In order to better know your child you should start with your own beginning.  By starting with yourself you begin to better understand your child’s first communication partner, his/her mother!    Then you can begin to unravel your child’s first communication, as it starts with the shared emotional, nutritional, spiritual, and neurological foundations provided by his/her mother.

What is the story of your own birth/delivery?  These conversations are still minimal amongst women and families within the average North American family.   WHY?

What is the difference between the phrases;

1) To catch, 2) To deliver?   Our expressive language represents our consciousness in so many ways.

In North America women are often asked, “Who delivered your baby?”  To me this is an absurd question.  Unless you are taken from your mother, via a major medical procedure, only a mother can deliver her child!  A doctor, partner, friend, relative and so on might catch a baby.

I leave you with one more question, which might give better insight into the  perspectives of the average North American household.   This may or may not be you!

Who is more courageous; An 18 year-old man who signs up for war or an 18 year- old woman who becomes pregnant and says, I can deliver my own child anywhere.

Best, Kacey

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