Growth is not linear


WHERE TO BEGIN?  First, there really is no beginning in eternity, but that’s another day’s blog.  I hope to present you with seeds of thought and support their growth.  Growth is generally not linear, especially not in nature.

Patterns are key.  I listen to patterns of speech and language as a Speech and Language Pathologist.  I also observe non-verbal behaviors, as the foundation of communication, in relationships.

What about your relationship with yourself?

Do you dream?    Time, as physics tells us, is not real.  What happens once in time happens ALL WAYS in time.  Yes, I wrote all ways as a direction rather than a time construct.

Visions are not dreams.

Wait, “What?”  If time isn’t real why do we spend so much time tracking it?   Eternity is a place you find within.  The Light House, which can guide you can take lifetimes to consistently become a part of your consciousness.

I stalk the wolf!  The teacher within.  This teacher is ever expansive.  Comprehending the vastness of SELF is the journey to truly embrace LOVE.

Love; the Force that leads you towards choices, which help you to grow to KNOW YOURSELF!


One way to have a reflection of yourself is to become a parent.  Diving into yourself before you become a parent, can be helpful!

Best, Kacey


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